Treat Your Website: Use Video Production

Treat Your Website: Use Video Production

Since the advent of websites which is usually powered by the internet, company and individuals have gone from an ordinary product to a strong prevalent international brand. Many brands (corporation and individuals) have benefitted immensely from the new age technology. The shift in coverage, easy-reach, extended convenience, virtual office, increased revenue, more profits, etc. are few apparent contributions that the “” brings. The domain-based addresses have resulted in creating that say, “the world is now a global village.”

While it is almost incontestable to deny the offerings of the web, it is worthwhile to mention that hundreds of thousands of websites are invaluable considering their prevalence on SEO and frequency of visits they enjoyed. The futility of such investments, sometimes huge in amount, is mainly due to the contents and advancement of these websites. No one would proceed to visit a site for the second time when the first experience is valueless and where there are millions of alternatives that would spin a better value just a click away. However, the information available on any website in this age is not complete without a video. Yes, a web video!

Video content is clearly changing the face of social networking, branding, and the entire information technology. There is almost no social media platform that does not allow the use of video one way or the other. In the business world, especially when centered on website content and social marketing, video content has proven to be the best mode of disseminating information which is key to advertising and overall corporate branding.

An investment in video production can change five units of sales to 5 million sales and imagine how the popular products of this world would have been perceived if their adverts are not visualized. Have a look at the below video as an example of what to look out for when making a video.

Powers of Videos

Information is a new wealth, and recently, the hunger for it is immense. Not only that, the time it takes to reach such information is very essential. That is, while 1-3 minutes spent on watching video is technically assumed to equate 10-30 minutes that would have been devoted to reading such information in texts. The vital points of the information are easily emphasized on videos in little time.

Audiovisual, as it is seldom called, appeals to multiple senses thereby enabling smooth and efficient marketing message delivery to target audience. Sounds and images tend to provoke emotion and confer idea more understandable. Since watching message requires some attention, the audience would be a more attentive and a lot of the information would be retained.

Another advantage of video is that it does not only sit on your website, but it is also everywhere on the internet. This further the prevalence of the brand and exposes it on the global video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Also, the videos can be optimized for higher ranks in the search engine results thereby promoting the brand to millions of targets all over the world.

Video marketing also affords the company the quickest means of showing the aesthetics of the brand to millions of potential clients within the shortest period and at a reasonable cost. When a video gets many hits and becomes an internet meme, it usually results in an increased patronage that underlines additional profits. No other marketing technique offers such imposing results.

Advanced technology has created various simpler video productions owing to the fact video tools for recording, editing, etc. are easily obtainable. The cameras, editing suites, etc. are considerably affordable to businesses.

Statistically, a study conducted in 2011 by A.C Nielsen, a global marketing research corporation in New York, reported that about 76 percent people in the United States spend 43 hours every month on the internet. Within this time, 3,237 web pages are viewed including videos. Only in 2012, United States citizens watched over 21 billion videos online which is evident that video marketing is the most powerful mode of reaching a large number of clients and potential customers.