Arvixe Review

Arvixe Review

Arvixe is a privately owned limited liability corporation that was created in San Luis Obispo, USA in the year 2003. In this Arvixe review, we will be discussing how this hostĀ hosts a variety of websites that are scattered around the world which includes personally owned websites, together with sites owned by business and cooperate organizations as well as government websites.

As a web hosting company, Arvixe offers a series of shared hosting services that comes along with a dedicated hosting. Unlike other web hosting companies, Arvixe is not restricted to rendering out a single service but it prefers to expand its scope.

Arvixe is set to serve as a hosting company that renders complete resource to clients and provide them with high quality services and support. Although Arvixe has been in existence for about 12 years now, it has made little or no impact in establishing any significant awareness on the news. In other words, no news stories have been heard as regarding any activity of controversy and downtime.

Arvixe provides its customers with a constant unwavering access to a reliable in-house customer service that offers live chat, email and phone support. Related issues can also be discussed on a web platform organized as customer forum where access can be gained to support tickets on its help desk.

Like others, Arvixe regularly operates a very proactive service that is set in helping customers to obtain relevant information on a regular basis. As an efficient knowledgebase software, its help desk is designed to support customers with relevant complete insights on how the programme works, as well as its operational functions. It also provides regularly updated news feed that display news articles and videos that talk extensively about the company.

Arvixe runs an incisive blog that actively provides viewers with regular bits and pieces of vital information as well as articles on several guides and tutorials. Arvixe also has a strong online social media presence with an actively operational Facebook page and a very busy twitter account that has got an ever ready team of professionals whose job is to promptly respond to every query submitted by customers. The team of staff also engages in posting out regular tweets to relevant blog posts and online news stories.

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Arvixe guarantees a 99.9% site uptime and offers quick refunds if by any means the guarantee is breached at any given month of the year. Like many other web hosting companies. Arvixe provides pro-rata refund for any downtime that occurs in any dedicated server with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Dallas and Houston accommodates the two Arvixe data centres which are supplied with a fully redundant power and supported with standby backup generators as well as an efficient Unbreakable Power Supply (UPS) control system. Arvixe employs a state of the art monitoring systems to check and monitor its data centres on a regular basis.

In the event of a server breakdown, Arvixe ensures regular backups. Daily and weekly back up routines are carried out on its serves for the purpose of keeping and updating its Personal Class and Reseller Class accounts.