Best Web Hosting (with video review)

Best Web Hosting (with video review)

You are welcome to the blog post where you get all the information you need in hosting your website. This is 2015. Every business needs a website to thrive in this Internet age. The Internet is dense with information. If your business is not online, you are missing out on a huge chunk of income. Web presence is the most potent tool to drawing prospective customers to your services and products. This is why choosing a web hosting company is of the utmost importance. The process of choosing the best hosting company for your business is relatively simple compared to deciding which suit to wear to office.

Getting Started to choosing your hosting company

What is web hosting? You need to fully grasp the idea behind web hosting before you dive headlong into it. Web hosting involves finding a company that will save your website files and data on their servers online. The services provided by these various web hosting companies vary. This is based on several factors such as the amount of data transferred monthly, numbers of website email, monthly data storage, amount of traffic, and many other services. Since the fate of your website will be handled by the hosting company you eventually choose, it is very important you choose the plans that you can afford and has the features you are seeking for.

Web hosting also include such services as shared hosting plans. These plans are okay if you do not mind having your traffic being limited and of course, there will be some restrictions as to the operations on your website. Additional services rendered by these hosting companies are virtual private server, managed WordPress hosting plans and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is for sites that command high traffic. It is a bit expensive and with more bandwidth than the virtual private server. However, if you are running a small scale business and on a low budget, the virtual private server is a good option. Managed WordPress hosting is great when you do not want to disturb yourself with manual upgrading of web applications. This plan enables your website to be hosted on the most popular content managing system (cms) called WordPress.

If you are not quite sure of the best hosting plan for your business, you will be better off starting with shared hosting plans. However, some web hosting companies do not offer this feature. So you have to consider the features of the web hosting company of yours before signing up.

It is also very important to consider the price range of the hosting plans. You need to identify how long you want the hosting service. 3 months or 3 years? This will help you to decide whether to go for the monthly plan or annual plan. Now, you have your answers to, “what is web hosting?”

Features to consider when choosing your hosting plan

1. Customer support.

You need to choose a Web host that do not only have a forum but also offer a 24/7 customer care support.

2. Operating system (server)

Most web hosts have their servers running on Linux. However, if you have sql servers and other .net web applications that run on windows, you need to pick a web host that supports that.

3. Security

You need security from spam wares, malwares and other viruses. Unless you want some random hackers to put porn on your website, you have to pick a plan that offers adequate protection and has Anti-Malware tools.

Web hosting reviews

The main question that pops up in people’s mind is what is the best web hosting site. Once you have figured out your priorities, the only thing you will be concerned with is the best web hosting site for your website. Web hosting reviews of hostgator and bluehost are written below.

Hostgator review.

Hostgator provides good customer service. It also provides weebly site builder. Hostgator shared hosting can be obtained from as low as $3.5. Hostgator offers beautiful website layout and design however, to activate several features, you have to search deeply. Their interface is a little bit complex.

Bluehost review.

You can get a shared hosting plan on bluehost from as low as $3. They have a wide range of options for hosting services. With services including backup tools, google apps and site lock. Compared to Hostgator, they have a very easy to use user interface. However, they lack monthly shared hosting subscription.

So you have it, everything you need to get you started in hosting your website online. As mentioned above and in the hostgator review plus the bluehost review, choosing the right web host is as important as delivering the right product to the customers. You definitely do not want your website failing to respond at the crucial moment of sales. Choose wisely.

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